Move, Improve, or Relocate?

Move, Improve, Or Relocate? Consider Your Lifestyle.

You may be experiencing a time when your current home no longer suits your needs. Whether you’re just beginning to grow your family, your children have moved out, your kitchen needs an upgrade, or you’re unhappy with your backyard, issues can arise that inspire the question: do we move, improve, or relocate? That’s a great place to start, but you should also be focusing on lifestyle needs and changes when coming to a conclusion about where you stand with your current home.

Questioning whether you should move, improve, or relocate can be inspired by trying to resolve some of the following issues:

  • Should we put in a new kitchen and experience the stress of a remodel? Or should we just buy a new home with the kitchen we need or want?
  • Now that we have children, should we build an addition to accommodate our growing family? Or should we buy a larger home?
  • Should we run the risk of over-improving our current home? Or should we move up?
  • Should we take out a home equity loan to pay for improvements? Or should we mortgage a new house?

All of these questions are valid and should be discussed not only at home, but with a trusted real estate advisor that can walk you through the steps and help you to weigh your options. Remembering that these questions not only provide insight into whether you should move, improve, or relocate, but can also greatly affect your lifestyle. Shifting your thought process from “Should I move?” to “Should I significantly change my lifestyle?” can make these decisions a little easier for you to come to.

The average homeowner will move approximately every ten years. Deciding if you want to move should be reflective of your lifestyle factors and not be limited to the property itself. The difference between improving or moving can be difficult, but factoring in your current or desired lifestyle can help make that decision a little easier. You may think you’d like a new backyard, but you may be leaning towards moving to a more rural location with more open areas. Do you need to put in a pool? Or would you rather move to a location with beach access or lake frontage? Take a look at what options are most appealing to you and whether those options are conducive to your lifestyle needs. The difference between changing your overall lifestyle, or determining whether you should move, improve, or relocate should be a reflection of your current and future lifestyle predictions.

Often overlooked in the discussion of whether to move, improve, or relocate are the following factors:

  • How important are job opportunities?
  • How important is convenience to transportation?
  • How important is it to be close to family?
  • How important is it to live in or near a major city?
  • How important is it to live in a small town?
  • How important is it to live remotely?
  • How important is it to live near an airport?
  • How important is it to be close to parks and recreation?
  • How important is it to be near a major hospital?
  • How important is your home’s acreage?
  • How important is it to be near a specific school district?
  • How important are shopping and dining opportunities?
  • How important are state and local taxes?
  • How important is it to live near a college or university?
  • How important are pet friendly amenities?

Regardless of your concerns or decisions, speak to your trusted real estate agent! You don’t have to navigate these issues alone, and a real estate professional is a great resource for any and all questions regarding your real estate future. 

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