How to Best Increase Your Home's Value

Smart appliances are convenient. You can control smart appliances right from your phone, which allows you to adjust settings, and even start or stop your appliance while you're away from home. Many smart appliances are compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, allowing you to control your appliances hands-free.

Smart appliances can be programmed in advance to carry out tasks automatically, such as starting your coffee maker in the morning or adjusting your thermostat based on your daily schedule. Some smart appliances provide real-time energy usage data, helping you identify those devices that use a lot of energy and makes it easier for you to reduce consumption. Smart thermostats, for example, can save energy in your home by automatically adjusting the temperature during times you’ll be away from home. 

There are many smart home security systems, including smart locks, cameras, and doorbells, that will provide optimized security and peace of mind by allowing you to observe and control who enters your home even when you’re not around to answer the door.

A home gym can really set your home apart from other comparables in the area. If you’re looking to list your home, but you’re afraid it’ll blend in with what’s on the market, consider incorporating a fitness facility into a spare room or garage. The convenience of staying fit without ever needing to leave your property could be a great selling point for you, while adding value to your home in the process. 

To determine exactly how a renovation like this will impact your home's value, definitely consult a professional appraiser or your real estate agent with knowledge of the local market to see if this addition is worth your investment. 

Your primary suite may have the largest bath suitable for a spa experience, but you may still need to conserve space. Don't clutter your the bath with shower curtains, shower caddies, and bath rugs. Instead, remove the old tub and install an all-glass shower with a simple walk in opening and a built-in seat, and a hidden storage nook for shampoo bottles.

This upgrade is very appealing for the potential buyer, and can even add value to your home. The look of an all-glass walk-in shower gives the luxury feel that so many buyers are looking for. 

You can redo your back patio by extending it deeper into the yard. Add a pergola with a swing. Good patio furniture can go a long way to making your outdoor space more attractive, and you can take it with you! 

Especially in Northern Michigan, residents want to soak up all of the warmer weather they can, give your home's new owners an excuse to enjoy Michigan's beautiful summer weather by providing them with a beautiful outdoor oasis.  

You may not have a spare bedroom that you can use as a closet, but you can incorporate some features into the closet space that you do have. Utilize all of the space up to the ceiling, with pull-down shelves for easy access. Consider placing shoe and bag storage on a wall, improving lighting, and installing a large mirror. 

If your closet is tall enough, install a second clothing rod beneath the first to double the hanging space. This is especially useful for shorter items like skirts and shirts. Use storage bins or baskets on closet shelves to keep small items, accessories, or out-of-season clothing neatly organized and concealed. By incorporating even a couple additional items to your closet layout, you can show the buyer your closet's true potential. 

Replace appliances with those that can do multiple jobs, like an all-in-one microwave, convection unit, or an airfryer that doubles as an extra oven or toaster. By consolidating your appliances, you can free up so much more of your countertop space and storage space. It will make your life easier too as you won’t have to worry about lugging around your appliances that you don’t want to keep on your countertop. 

Include dedicated storage for ingredients like a walk-in pantry or shelves for dry goods, herbs, spices, and oils. Everyone loves ample space to store everyday essential items. By having a dedicated storage space for your otherwise cluttered kitchen, you could set your home apart and appeal to those potential buyers. 

If space is an issue, you can turn your basement or den into a game room with built-in features such as a bar, surround sound, and hidden wiring for tv and gaming consoles. Especially if you prefer to keep a TV out of your main living room, adding an indoor recreation area to your home could make all the difference. Out of the way, obstructed from the rest of the home, this could be just what you need to take entertaining and spending time with your family to the next level. 

Like the other tips provided, adding this space to your home can increase appeal. Especially for families looking to upgrade their current home, an in-home recreation area could be a great selling point! 


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